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Planned Giving

Your Legacy is Our Future

Whatever your reason for remembering Foxcroft in your estate plans, 精心策划的礼物让你有机会设计一份对你有意义的福克斯克罗夫特遗产.

计划好的礼物为捐赠者提供了一个实现众多利益的机会——包括宝贵的税收优惠, augmented income, a diversified investment portfolio, 甚至有可能提供一笔比其他方式更大的礼物,并在福克斯克罗夫特留下一笔持久的遗产.


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无论是你自己的散步,还是你女儿的散步,穿过夏洛特小姐的花园, marking the culmination of your Foxcroft experience, 我们希望当你们回首往事时,能反思福克斯克罗夫特是如何让你们为这个世界做好准备的——独特的学习经历, strong values, human connections, and lifelong friendships.

This is why many have chosen to remember Foxcroft in their estate plans. Doing so honors the past as much as it assures the future. 我们鼓励你考虑给福克斯克罗夫特一份有计划的礼物,并成为“永远的福克斯克罗夫特”的一员,这样它就能继续为几代年轻女性做一个多世纪以来一直做得很好的事情.


Forever Foxcroft

永远福克斯克罗夫特是1999年由董事会成立的捐赠协会,旨在表彰将太阳城电子app纳入其遗产计划的个人, balancing their financial goals and charitable interests.

他们的遗产确保了福克斯克罗夫特继续吸引和留住鼓舞人心的教师, that financial aid will be available, and that the campus will be maintained and upgraded as needed. Forever Foxcroft embraces all alumnae, parents, 以及告知学校在其财务或遗产计划中的位置的朋友. For questions about a legacy gift, or to let us know that Foxcroft is included in your plans, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 540.687.4510 or

I know now that I have a responsibility to all girls, and I can't imagine them not having the same opportunity I had ... it's why I have included Foxcroft in my will.

— Dede Pickering, Class of 1971


A Gift that Costs Nothing in Your Lifetime


Insurance Gifts

A Gift Now or Later

Life insurance is a simple and practical way to give to Foxcroft, 不管你是投保现有的保险还是为福克斯克罗夫特投保新保险.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Legacy Shared & Redoubled

Charitable Lead Trusts lower your estate taxes rather than pay you income. 你的领导信托有利于福克斯克罗夫特同时通过减少遗产税增加你家族的遗产.

Retirement Gift Account

A Surprisingly Easy Way to Make a Big Impact

Retirement Accounts -- 401(k) and 403(b) plans, IRAs, Keoghs, 以及其他——将成为许多人退休后的主要收入来源. 这些计划的捐款通常是免税的,而且通常是免税的.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Gift That Returns Income to You

慈善剩余信托基金(CRT)为一个或多个受益人提供灵活的收入,期限由你选择. In your hands, and those of your advisor, 你的CRT可以提供给你的家人,同时也记住福克斯克罗夫特.

A Transformative Legacy Gift

With alumna Ruth Bedford '32's bequest in 2014, 福克斯克罗夫特收到了一笔4000万美元的变革性礼物——这是美国女子学校有史以来收到的最大一笔礼物, and the largest gift granted to any secondary school nationwide that year. Her bequest expresses her enduring affection for Foxcroft School.

Having Foxcroft in my will is to say, 'Thank you, Miss Charlotte! Thank you Foxcroft!' P.S. — Go Foxes!

— Pickett Randolph, Class of 1956