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Day Student Experience

Enjoy all that the Foxcroft community has to offer, right in the beautiful countryside of Loudoun County.

Whether you’re coming from nearby Middleburg or commuting from Leesburg or Ashburn, day students make up an important part of the Foxcroft culture — and feel that support and friendship whether they’re in the dorm or home for the night.


You don't feel like you are looking in on the fun, because you are a part of the stories, traditions, and adventure. It's not two communities. It's one.Natasha H., Class of 2027

Day Student Highlights

Day students at Foxcroft engage with the full community through intentional programming and campus-wide events that make our day student experience so unique.

Dedicated Dorm Room and Bed

Each day students is assigned to a dorm room with roommates and has a designated bed on the sleeping porch for when they stay overnight. Day students can use their rooms for quiet study space during the day, and can keep clothes and personal items in their dedicated dresser and closet as well.

Boarding Period for All Students

To start the year by fostering a strong sense of community, all students — day and boarding — are expected to stay on campus for the first six weeks of school. This boarding period helps establish healthy habits and productive schedules after the school day ends; builds a sense of camaraderie between all roommates; and builds the foundation for Foxcroft’s promise of “a lifetime of friendships and global connections.”

Stay On Campus Overnight

Foxcroft’s day student approach allows students to stay overnight two nights per week. This can be incredibly convenient for day students and their families when navigating the schedule of closed weekends, community events, late nights after away games or after-school commitments, and snow or inclement weather.

Meals in the Dining Hall

Day students can eat three meals a day at the Dining Hall, with delicious options no matter if you’re grabbing a quick breakfast before class or sitting down for dinner after sports before an evening study session.

Support & Resources

Our dedicated faculty and staff are available to all students. Teaching faculty and advisors are accessible for check-ins on campus, and our Health Center and Student Support staff are available for whatever needs arise when day students are on campus.

Day students really have the best of both worlds. They get a bed on campus and feel part of the community, rather than separate. But, they can go home whenever they want.Jeb Hannum, Current parent